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Flame Retardant Masterbatch

PP flame retardant masterbatch for construction panels

PP flame retardant masterbatch can be divided into injection grade, drawing grade and extrusion grade. PP flame retardant masterbatch has now become a product commonly used for flame retardant modification of polypropylene, and its characteristics have been strengthened and its advantages highlighted. The new PP flame-retardant masterbatch has significantly reduced the proportion of flame retardant additive, and the plastic is very compatible during processing, and the finished product has better weather resistance and good transparency.

PE flame retardant masterbatch for air conditioning foam pipes

FB-8000 is widely used for continuous extrusion of foaming tubes, which does not affect the stability of the foaming product. FB-8000 is widely used in continuous extrusion of foamed pipes. The addition of 6-12% to the PE formula is sufficient to achieve good flame retardancy. FB-8000 can also be used for pearl wool, blown bottles, extruded tubes, hollow boards and many other applications.

PA flame retardant masterbatch for nylon spinning

FB-PA40MD(HF) can be used in the field of nylon spinning with 5-6% to achieve a very good flame retardant level with an oxygen index greater than 28. It is used in the carpet industry and passes B1 flame retardant level.

This product is not only highly effective in flame retardant to polyester and nylon products, but also has excellent compatibility with polyester and nylon, so it has excellent spinnability during the spinning process, does not break the silk, has good colouring properties, and is environmentally friendly and can fully meet the EU environmental requirements.

It should be noted that the toughening agent has a detrimental effect on the flame retardant system and the amount of toughening agent should be noted, less than 4 parts are recommended.

PET flame retardant masterbatch for PET spinning

FB-PET50Z(HF) is a halogen-free phosphorus-based flame retardant masterbatch with PET as the carrier, which has the advantages of high flame retardant efficiency, low additive content, high temperature resistance, no precipitation, good processing fluidity, high compatibility with resin, and low impact on the physical properties of products. FB-PET50Z(HF) is environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the EU RoHS and REACH directives.
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