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Silicone Masterbatch

PP silicone masterbatch for automotive interiors

In view of the development of "plastic instead of steel" in the automotive industry and the stringent requirements of environmental protection and safety, c-Source New Materials offers the latest scratch-resistant additives for polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer body parts such as instrument panels, door trims, centre consoles and pillar panels, which fully meet the standards of VW and GM OEMs.

PE silicone masterbatch for Wearable device

Through a special compatible technology, PE500SR incorporates silicone in a thermoplastic matrix which combines the advantages of any thermoplastic elastomer with the desirable properties of silicone, such as softness, silky feel, etc. Unlike conventional TPEs, they are free of plasticisers and oils and can be recycled and reused.

AS Silicone Masterbatch for Anti-scratch shoe materials

In addition to the general characteristics of silicone auxiliaries, the abrasion resistant silicone masterbatch pays special attention to expanding its abrasion resistance, which greatly improves the abrasion resistance of the shoe sole compound. This series of additives is mainly used in TPR, EVA, TPU, rubber outsoles and other footwear products to extend the service life of shoes and improve the comfort of walking as well as sports.
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