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Anti-Precipitation And Anti-Corrosion Halogen-Free Flame Retardant for PA

Phosphorus-silicon nitrogen-free flame retardant, high temperature resistance, precipitation resistance.
Reach UL94 V-0 classification at 1.6mm thickness, a dose of 14% to 15% FR-AHP02 is typically sufficient. 
  • FR-AHP02

  • White powder

  • 24.5

  • 30

  • >320




FR-AHP02 is a new phosphorus-silicon based flame retardant developed by YINYUAN. FR-AHP02 avoids the corrosion of screws or molds caused by conventional phosphorus-nitrogen based flame retardants, and the problem of small molecule precipitation caused by long-term injection. FR-AHP02 will not produce acidoid due to moisture absorption, thus providing stability guarantees for the end product


Ÿ   Excellent flame retardant properties.

Ÿ   High cost-effectiveness.

Ÿ   Low density.

Ÿ   Good compatibility with polymer substrates.

Ÿ   Acidoid will not be produced after absorbing the moisture. 

Ÿ   The product made using the AHP02 has excellent color stability.

Ÿ   Appearance without bubble pattern.

Typical Properties 

Physical PropertiesUnitTarget Value
White Powder
Phosphorus Content%24.5
Decomposition Temperature (at 2% weight loss)320
Average Particle Size (D50)μm30


Ø  In polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 with 30% glass fibre:

For the electrical compounds to obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification at 1.6mm thickness, a dose of 14% to 15% FR-AHP02 is typically sufficient. The tensile strength is more than or equal to 140 MPa, and the notch impact strength is more than or equal to 14 KJ/m3. And with perfect color adjustability.

Ø  For the requirements of CTI / GWIT / GWFI:

The compound's CTI can reach 600V, and its density is low, so the electrical compounds are also low density, which will not affect the compounds' mechanical properties.

Ø  Under the 85℃ / 85% RH tests:

The FR-AHP02 hardly precipitates and is significantly better than conventional phosphorus-nitrogen based flame retardants. 

Packaging & Storage

Ÿ   Paper-plastic composite packaging. 25kg per package. 

Ÿ   The product must be sealed, kept dry, dust-free, and cool. 

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