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New Phosphorus-nitrogen Flame Retardants for 1.6mm UL94 V-0 PA


  • 13-15%

  • 20-40

  • ≥350

  • PA6,PA66,PA/GF30



FR-AMPS is a new generation of non-halogen and eco-friendly flame retardant, having excellent flame retardant performance and good compatibility with polymer substrates. 



Ÿ   Low addition level to achieve UL94 V0 at 1.6mm.

Ÿ   Higher thermal stability than traditional halogen-free flame retardants.

Ÿ   Good product appearance and physical properties.

Ÿ   FR-AMPS's pure white products make this modified flame retardant model good for coloring and suitable for a broader range of applications.

Ÿ   No precipitation, migration, moisture resurgence and water slip phenomenon.

Ÿ   Its superior flowability also provides for a reduction of in-mould deposits.

Ÿ   In compliance with EU RoHS, REACH, and other regulatory requirements. 

Ÿ   Excellent flame retardancy.

Ÿ   Good compatibility with polymer substrates.

Ÿ   Without red phosphorus, and avoid the generation of acidoids.

Ÿ   Multiple color schemes can be achieved. 

Typical Properties 

Physical PropertiesUnitTarget Value
Decomposition Temperature 350
Average Particle Size (D50)μm30


Ø  In polyamide 66 (with glass fibre reinforced and unreinforced) family of engineering plastics:

For the electrical compounds to obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification at 1.6mm thickness, a dosage of 13% FR-AMPS is typically sufficient.

Ø  In glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6:

For the electrical compounds to obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification at 1.6mm thickness, a dosage of 14% FR-AMPS is typically sufficient.

Ø  For customers with requirements of the glow wire ignition temperature (GWIT):

FR-AMPS can be used in conjunction with our company’s glowing filament additives to pass the GWIT 775℃ test in all thicknesses between 0.75mm to 3mm.


The density of FR-AMPS is low, and the compounds’ CTI can reach 600V. To obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification or to pass the GWFI 960°C evaluation, the required FR-AMPS amount is much lower than other flame retardants. As a result, the compound density remains low, and the mechanical properties of compounds keep well. 

Packaging & Storage

Ÿ   Paper-plastic composite packaging. 25 kg per package. 

Ÿ   The product must be sealed, kept dry, dust-free, and cool. 

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