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Non-Halogen Flame Retardant for GF Reinforced and Unreinforced Polyamide


  • White powder

  • 22~24

  • 20~24

  • >320

  • Nylon 6, Nylon 66



FR-AMP(S) is a new generation of flame retardant that is both non-halogen and eco-friendly. It has excellent flame retardant performance and is compatible with polymer substrates. This makes it a great choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly option for flame retardation. 

FR-AMP(S) offers many advantages over traditional halogen-free flame retardants. It has a low addition level to achieve UL94 V0 at 1.6mm and has higher thermal stability. The product appearance and physical properties are good, and its pure white products make it suitable for coloring and a broader range of applications. FR-AMP(S) does not have issues with precipitation, migration, moisture resurgence, or water slip phenomenon. Its superior flowability also reduces in-mould deposits. Additionally, it is in compliance with EU RoHS, REACH, and other regulatory requirements. Overall, FR-AMP(S) is an excellent choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and effective flame retardant. 

Typical Properties 

Physical PropertiesUnitTarget Value
Decomposition Temperature 350
Average Particle Size (D50)μm30


Ø  In glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6:

Typically, a dosage of 14% FR-AMP(S) is sufficient for electrical compounds to obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification at a thickness of 1.6mm. This means that only a small amount of FR-AMP(S) is needed to achieve the desired level of flame retardation. 

Ø  For customers with requirements for the glow wire ignition temperature (GWIT):

When used in conjunction with your company's glowing filament additives, FR-AMP(S) can pass the GWIT 775℃ test for all thicknesses between 0.75mm and 3mm. This means that FR-AMP(S) is effective at providing flame retardation even when used in combination with other additives. 


FR-AMP(S) has a low density and can help compounds achieve a CTI of 600V. To obtain the UL 94 V-0 classification or pass the GWFI 960°C evaluation, the required amount of FR-AMP(S) is much lower than other flame retardants. As a result, the density of the compound remains low, and the mechanical properties are well maintained. This means that FR-AMP(S) is an effective and efficient option for achieving flame retardation while maintaining the desired properties of the compound. 

Packaging & Storage

Ÿ   Paper-plastic composite packaging. 25 kg per package.

Ÿ   The product must be sealed, kept dry, dust-free, and cool. 

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