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PE/TPE Wires Specialized Silicone Masterbatch

  • SR-500

  • Siloxane polymer

  • 50

  • 0.3-1%

  • White Granules




SR-500 is a silicone masterbatch with polyethylene resin as the carrier and ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane as the main component, which uses a high-efficiency dispersion combining craft to disperse the silicone in the polyethylene resin evenly. 

While regular silicone masterbatches can improve the texture and scratch resistance of materials like TPE, its poor compatibility with materials can also cause problems during the extrusion of wires, leading to easy separation and accumulation, thus forming die buildup, slag, and reducing product appearance and production efficiency. SR-500 is designed to avoid these issues. 

Features & Benefits 

Ÿ   Specially structured siloxane to form an anchor structure.

Ÿ   Improve compatibility with the base material.

Ÿ   Effectively minimize die swell.

Ÿ   Help to create a lubricating layer on the die, thus reducing die buildup. 

Typical Properties 

Physical Properties

Target Value


White Granules

Siloxane Content (%)


Volatile (%)



SR-500 can be used in TPE, TPV, PVC, etc. 

Ø  In extrusion and moulding:

By adding 0.3% to 3% SR-500 to the material,

Ÿ   Reduce the torque and head pressure in the extrusion process, resulting in an increase in output.

Ÿ  It acts as an internal lubricant to improve the flame retardants dispersion, thereby effectively reducing material buildup in the die.

Ÿ  Improve the mold stripping performance during the injection molding process, thus increasing the fluidity of the materials and the mold filling performance and reducing the injection molding cycle.

Ø  In finished product parts:

Ÿ   Used in fiber-reinforced products to reduce surface floating fibers.

Ÿ   Improve surface properties, including lubricity, smoothness, and silky touch. 


The Processing Information 

Ÿ   After the silicone masterbatch is mixed with resin, it is processed into modified materials using an extruder.

Ÿ   After the silicone masterbatch is evenly mixed with resin, it is injection molded into products. 

Packaging & Storage

Ÿ   Packaged in a paper-plastic composite bag and lined with an aluminum-plastic bag. 25 kg per package.

Ÿ   The product must be sealed, kept dry, dust-free, and cool. 

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