Halogen Free Flame Retardant

Nylon flame retardants for new energy vehicles

The main applications in the components of new energy vehicles are, among others, battery modules, charging piles and charging guns, where in many cases flame retardant nylon is chosen for this purpose. Due to the short charging process, high current intensity and high frequency of use in electric vehicles, good insulation is guaranteed while also requiring materials with a certain degree of high temperature and ageing resistance, and with halogen-free flame retardancy and low smoke density when burning. After a long period of research and development, Guangzhou YinYuan New Material has achieved the best balance between flame retardant grade and physical properties of nylon flame retardant.

Polyester and polyurethane flame retardants for spinning

Chemical fibres are very flammable, a typical example being silk stockings, which are mainly made of nylon or polyester. Stockings burn particularly quickly, and if oil from human skin penetrates into the fibres of the stocking, the burning process is exacerbated. Stockings melt very easily when exposed to heat and stick to the skin, and the molten material can reach temperatures of 200°C to 300°C, which is extremely damaging to the skin.

Coating inks Flame retardants for architectural coatings

Architectural coatings are divided according to their use, for example, some are used for steel painting, some are used for sanding internal and external walls, which are of a finishing type. There are also some fireproof coatings for concrete, including tunnels and cables. Among the steel fireproof coatings, there are different types according to the thickness of the coating, some are ultra-thin, some are thin, and there are thick indoor types, and the performance characteristics will also be different. According to different scenarios and requirements, YinYuan New Materials can provide the corresponding fire retardant solutions.

Epoxy flame retardants for electronic potting adhesives

Because of the superior performance of its epoxy resin, its epoxy resin potting adhesive is also quite widely used: widely used in electronic components such as: electronic transformers, negative ion generators, module power supply, high voltage package, aquatic water pump, relays, capacitors, ignition coils, mutual inductors, AC/DC modules, LED, LED modules, AC capacitors, (vertical, horizontal, box, film) capacitors, lighting, electrical appliances and other types of electronic components of insulation potting, moisture-proof sealing, etc.

Textile flame retardants for fabric coating

Flame-retardant fabrics can be divided into; post-processed flame-retardant fabrics: i.e. ordinary fabrics with flame-retardant properties after processing. Semi-fire retardant fabrics: i.e. fabrics blended with ordinary yarns and fire retardant yarns. Permanent flame retardant fabrics: i.e. fabrics woven with flame retardant yarns. The common ones are polyester, aramid, etc. There are many kinds of flame retardant fabrics, the most common should be classified according to the performance of flame retardant: 
One-time flame retardant: after one washing, there is no longer a corresponding flame retardant function
Durable flame retardant: ordinary fabrics have flame retardant performance after processing, here the most productive varieties are cotton flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabrics, cotton brocade flame retardant fabrics. 
raw material flame retardant: refers to the yarn itself has a flame retardant function, common products are aramid, acrylic cotton, Kevlar, etc.

PP flame retardants for household appliances

Halogen-free flame-retardant PP plastic additives are mainly phosphorus compounds and metal hydroxides, halogen-free flame-retardant PP materials, small amount of smoke when burning, low density, low cost, and less toxic and corrosive gases, mainly used in the shell of small household appliances, such as irons, hair dryers and other electrical appliances and other parts

PC flame retardants for electronic equipment

End-use applications of PC flame retardants: triple-proof mobile phones, tablet backshells, all-in-one computer backshells, high-end chargers, lamp heads, switch panels, OA equipment and other electronic and electrical products.
The flame retardant of YinYuan New Material can make the flame retardant PC material with high fluidity, easy to shape; small molding shrinkage; better toughness, can be sprayed, can be laser engraved; good flame retardancy, up to UL V0/1.5 grade.

Aluminium diethylphosphonate for new energy tapes

The safety of power batteries, the core of electric vehicles, has also become a concern for the automotive industry and consumers. Overcharging, overheating, short-circuiting, collision and other factors may trigger thermal runaway of the power battery and become a hidden danger leading to combustion. In order to improve the flame retardant efficiency, based on the flame retardant FR-ADP02C, YinYuan New Material has launched a new product FR-ADP25 flame retardant.

Melamine flame retardants for silicone rubber

Currently the most important application for vitrified silicone rubber is in low and medium voltage fire resistant electrical circuits, which are widely used as insulation and outer sheathing for electrical equipment, especially in civil buildings where fire resistant cables are in high demand. Solutions can also be designed for cable applications with different requirements, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low-smoke cables, low-toxicity cables and low-corrosion cables.

Ammonium polyphosphate flame retardant for acrylic coatings

FR-APP is an intumescent flame retardant that combines acid source, carbon source and gas source. It expands rapidly during combustion, thereby isolating oxygen and preventing heat transfer, thus achieving the purpose of flame retardancy. It can be used in electronic potting adhesives, wood fire retardant coatings and interior architectural coatings. The combination of other flame retardants can achieve a higher flame retardant efficiency.
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