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FR-AMP series are a series of phosphorus nitrogen halogen-free flame retardants developed for high-end applications of nylon and Juku, which have excellent flame retardancy and good compatibility with polymer substrates. This flame retardant does not contain red phosphorus, so as to avoid the acid substances produced by red phosphorus due to moisture absorption, which will have adverse effects on the product, and will not produce PH3 during the processing process. At the same time, multiple color schemes can be achieved to ensure that the modified flame retardant materials have wider applications.
Product Name Applications
Polyamide and Polyester Specialized Flame Retardant Nylon 6, Nylon 66
Polyester Specialized Halogen-Free Flame Retardant PBT, PBT with glass fiber
FR-AHP series is a new halogen-free silicon flame retardant developed by our company,which has excellent flame retardancy characteristics, good compatibility with polymer substrate, and avoids screw/mold corrosion caused by conventional phosphorus nitrogen flame retardant and small molecule precipitation caused by long-term injection. This flame retardant will not reduce the insulation performance due to moisture absorption, so it provides a reliable guarantee for the stability of terminal products.
Nylon/PBT glow wire flame retardant is a phosphorus nitrogen halogen-free flame retardant developed to meet the requirements of non ignition of nylon high glow wire, which has excellent condensed phase and gas phase flame retardant properties. This flame retardant has good resin compatibility, long-term production of injection molding, less gas release, small mold corrosion, good appearance, etc
Product Name Applications
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